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A Tale of Two Writers

Books catch you up. You might hurtle to the end of a page-turner, only for a line to snake its way up much later and snare you. Sometimes, simultaneous reading allows one book to complement another but at other times its leads to a spaghetti tangle of confusion. What’s it like to meet two writers… Continue reading A Tale of Two Writers

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Writing Breakthroughs

What are your most satisfying writing moments? Is it putting pen to paper for the first time and setting down the words ‘Chapter One’? Or is it finally releasing that last sentence you may have had rolling round inside your head for a year? Or maybe it’s the breakthroughs that happen along the way: the… Continue reading Writing Breakthroughs

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A Time to Celebrate

Not so long ago, you could attend a publishing launch party practically every night of the week. (I wasn’t inundated with invitations personally, but I know people who were.) Nowadays, publicity budgets are stretched so launches are few and far between. That’s come as a huge disappointment to lots of authors – I suspect that… Continue reading A Time to Celebrate

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The Pleasure of Not Writing

I’ve heard it said that writing a novel teaches you only how to write that particular novel. Next time, you’re back to square one. I don’t want that to be true, do you? I do want to be informed by the experience of writing my current book. I know I want to look again at some of… Continue reading The Pleasure of Not Writing