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Writing Friends – Part 3

On this blog, I’ve introduced you to Linda Newbery and the late Belinda Hollyer, whose friendships through books and writing have and do mean the world to me. Another writer I’ve known for longer than anyone else, practically (apart from Cassandra Golds – whom you’ll meet one day soon) is Sophie Masson.


Sophie launched her writing career with a brilliant strategy: her first book for young readers, Fire in the Sky and her first book for adults, The House in the Rainforest, came out virtually simultaneously in 1990.

Since then, she has written dozens of amazing books, from realistic teen fiction (the books of her I’ve loved most), to a delightful series about an Anglo-French family, to bold fantasies and clever retellings of Shakespeare, to non-fiction, and more adult novels. She’s also a poet and essayist. On top of this, Sophie has been incredibly supportive of other writers, on a professional and a personal level. I can say that from experience.

Oh, she’s a publisher too.

Another recent venture is a wonderful blog where writers and creative people are allowed to explore their work and lives in-depth thanks to Sophie’s insightful questions. I’m lucky enough to be this week’s guest. You can read the interview here, but I’d urge you to read the others.

If you’re short of time, I’d like you take one thing from the interview, which is this: as a writer, there’s always something to do. You might be at an in-between stage: awaiting feedback on a submission. Or spending some time away from a story to allow the right perspective to view it critically. Or you might have encountered a form of writers’ blog or just be feeling too unsettled to tackle creative work. But you can blog or review a book for a website or send a tweet or revise your Amazon profile.

Have a great weekend.





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