Plots Are For Other People

For me, reading crime fiction is an addiction. As they go it’s not an unhealthy one. There are plenty of other addicts out there, all having a perfectly cheerful time talking about serial killers, vengeance and blackmail. But, as I’ve said before, I shouldn’t try to write it. Because I always give up. Now, it’s… Continue reading Plots Are For Other People

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What Can We Learn from the Man Booker Prize Shortlist?

Being shortlisted for such an eminent prize as the Man Booker makes its authors leaders in their field – in some people’s eyes! – so we can all learn from them, can’t we? Helpfully, Saturday’s Guardian gave each of them space to talk about the inspiration for each of their novels. What they wrote were… Continue reading What Can We Learn from the Man Booker Prize Shortlist?


Writers reviewing books–an interview with Linda Newbery, Celia Rees and Adele Geras

Originally posted on Feathers of the Firebird:
Book reviewing is a real art, and one that in the last ten years or so has undergone many changes. In the past, most book reviews were published in print—in newspapers and magazines, as well as, occasionally on radio and TV. But today, as space in newspapers and…

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‘Have You Got Anything Else?’

It’s usually the case that when an agent or editor says ‘No’ to your work you hear the sound of a door closing. It’s not the end of the world. There are other doors to knock on. You need only one of them to be opened and to be welcomed inside. Occasionally, an editor or… Continue reading ‘Have You Got Anything Else?’

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The Motivation to Write

The best piece of advice I was given (or, at least, took) at school was offered by our History teacher. ‘When you’re writing an essay, and set down a fact, ask yourself why?’ Why is it important? Where did it lead? That’s how you keep your argument – your narrative – moving forward. Why is… Continue reading The Motivation to Write

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Ingredients for a Story

My favourite analogy of the creative process likens it to a tide going out on a beach. The story exists – complete and intact – only it’s buried at sea when the tide is high. Gradually, as the tide recedes, more of the shore is revealed and so, too, with the ebb and flow of… Continue reading Ingredients for a Story