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Your First Favourite Author

I’ve briefly mentioned Robin Klein on this blog before, but today is her 81st birthday and so I feel she deserves a post of her own. She was the first author I ever wrote to (way back in 1986) and her friendliness and openness made me completely believe that a writing life was possible. There’s… Continue reading Your First Favourite Author

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bookbybook 17: Ursula Dubosarsky

When I first met Ursula Dubosarsky, I didn’t know she was a writer. She was a (very young) Latin teacher at my secondary school. Then, suddenly (a bit like something from one of her novels) she left, and just a few weeks later, a copy of her first novel, High Hopes, arrived in the post… Continue reading bookbybook 17: Ursula Dubosarsky

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Revisiting ‘Dear Nobody’ by Berlie Doherty

I simply wanted to write a book which would be interesting to teenagers. I never want to write a message or a moral in my books – I don’t think that’s a novelist’s job. If I can write a strong story that moves my readers, then that is as much as I want to do… Continue reading Revisiting ‘Dear Nobody’ by Berlie Doherty

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bookbybook 11: Anne Fine

I’m thrilled to kick off this second series of interviews with fabulous authors who have written widely, across different age groups and in different genres, over many years – in short, writers who’ve made a writing life not only work but thrive. And I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am to begin by featuring… Continue reading bookbybook 11: Anne Fine

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Joan Aiken: Many Happy Returns!

‘Indeed, a most remarkable tale,’ the Marquess said silkily. ‘So, on the very night that you were to perform my errand, you will have me believe that by some bizarre coincidence, the curator’s grandson had already made off with the object?’ ‘That’s about it, gaffer. Beats cockfighting, dunnit, how these things comes about? The young… Continue reading Joan Aiken: Many Happy Returns!

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bookbybook 05: Sophie Masson

I wrote a little about Sophie when I linked to her interview with me on this blog, but you could never run out of things to say about her passion for good books and commitment to building a successful, respected writing life. Given Sophie’s eloquence and generosity, it seems best just to let her speak,… Continue reading bookbybook 05: Sophie Masson

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bookbybook 01: Adele Geras

The question at the heart of this blog – and my life as a writer, editor and reader who cares about authors – is: how do you make a writing life work? (A phrase I’ve borrowed from Pat Barker.) Recently, I’ve been read interviews with Jessie Burton, author of the bestselling The Miniaturist and Emma… Continue reading bookbybook 01: Adele Geras