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Five Things About My New Book

After a gap of many months, I’ve been able to spend some time on my new book these past few weeks and at last feel as if I’ve returned to it in earnest. I thought about keeping a diary of its progress but instead I’m going to record key breakthroughs. Maybe they’ll chime with your… Continue reading Five Things About My New Book

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Where Are the Words?

Imagine measuring the year in terms of sales. You’d start with your brand-new hardback and its trade paperback editions for export or airside, the retailer specific exclusives, and the high-priced ebook. You’d add on the paperback of last year’s hardback, here and abroad. Then you’d include the relaunched backlist, all with a pound added on… Continue reading Where Are the Words?

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‘Have You Got Anything Else?’

It’s usually the case that when an agent or editor says ‘No’ to your work you hear the sound of a door closing. It’s not the end of the world. There are other doors to knock on. You need only one of them to be opened and to be welcomed inside. Occasionally, an editor or… Continue reading ‘Have You Got Anything Else?’

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Turning Up the Volume

When I worked full-time in-house, I was very mindful of how I used my spare time for writing. I developed a system when I would write before work each morning, and then walk to the office, which took at least fifty minutes (in other jobs, living elsewhere, longer). I could close down thoughts about my… Continue reading Turning Up the Volume

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Opening Up and Closing Down Your Writing

It’s been a good summer for reading. Three books have particularly captivated me, all American as it happens: Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett, Modern Lovers by Emma Straub and Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. Each has brought me great pleasure and offered insights into my own work. Commonwealth is the story of two families blended… Continue reading Opening Up and Closing Down Your Writing

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Standing On Top of Your Manuscript

In my editing life, I’ve been using track changes a lot. I’m all for it. It’s efficient – no waiting for manuscripts to thump through the letterbox (or having to collect them, mysteriously shredded, from the post office); no expense of high-level security postage, lest it gets mislaid en route. It’s great for culling repetitions… Continue reading Standing On Top of Your Manuscript